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Denise Groene of the Better Business Bureau says the Facebook groups are “a good way to get a lot of visibility without having to do the leg power to market a typical garage sale.It’s a great way to make some extra cash and clean out items.” But people still need to use caution when meeting strangers for transactions, she said, and she herself has dropped out of a group because she wasn’t comfortable doing business that way.Some groups have strict rules that limit items they sell to brand names, while others have few if any restrictions.One downside to shopping: Imagine going through photos of stuff at a garage sale rather than taking everything in at a glance, or quickly rifling through it.But you can also find items listed for just a few bucks. I tell people if you think you’d donate it, donate it.” Bryant started her group a year ago after she couldn’t find a trace of an east-Wichita yard-sale group that she wanted to join.

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But if you’re looking to make a little cash by getting rid of your stuff, the Internet, with its relentlessly specific and targeted abilities, bypasses the need to tag things, borrow tables and clothes racks to display them, open the driveway to the public, and wait for spring.

“I am actually not a huge fan of the actual ‘garage sale’ groups,” Hughes says. “I just feel like half the stuff on there is trashy, and then if you put on there, ‘I’m selling this dress for ’ and people try to make a bargain — take it or leave it.” On the other hand, “it truly is amazing the things people will post.

And will ask , and it’s like a pencil.” Meanwhile, she’s working her way through her closet, selling items as she goes. I’ve already got three bags of clothes for gals stopping by tonight.

Because of spam requests from foreigners, she says, she has taken her own group to “secret” status. Check out the rules, number of members, and types of merchandise to see if you want to stay.

The next thing to do is familiarize yourself with the terminology: “Cross posted” means the item has been posted on different groups; “porch pickup” means that if you’re buying an item, you will have to pick it up on the seller’s porch; “EUC” means “excellent used condition”; “ISO” means “in search of.” There are even groups within groups.

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