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If you are currently using an email client configured with POP3, the client removes your emails from the server and the ONLY copy of them is stored on the device you selected at setup.If you choose to switch to an IMAP setting only NEW incoming emails will move from the server to your devices.Allows you to add a path to every generated import and url in your css.This does not affect Less import statements that are processed, just ones that are left in the output css.So for the option above you might have This is the opposite of the rootpath option, it specifies a path which should be removed from the output paths.For instance if you are compiling a file in the less-files directory but the source files will be available on your web server in the root or current directory, you can specify this to remove the additional This option specifies that we should include all of the Less files in to the sourcemap.Effectively the declaration is put at the top of your base Less file, meaning it can be used but it also can be overridden if this variable is defined in the file.Type: in before v2) Whether to use the per session file cache.

So we assume that the user meant for one of the values to be a value, not a unit of length and we output This option defines a variable that can be referenced by the file.You should follow the steps in this article If you would like to use an email client with your new AOL Mail account and you ARE NOT currently using an email client configured with POP3.If you are a Verizon migrated user and would like to continue using your POP configured email client, please refer to our help article Verizon Move to AOL Mail: Updating your third party email program or mobile device with your new account information (POP3).This means that you only need your map file to get to your original source.This can be used in conjunction with the map inline option so that you do not need to have any additional external files at all.

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