Portia de rossi dating dating service for single

We have everything." The comedian then added a heartfelt, "Love and respect—that is all we need." Talk about aww-worthy!"It's corny, but she's my soul mate," De Generes added.This comes after Drew admitted that she feels any attraction for women sexually. The outlet further noted on the marriage breakdown article how Portia and Ellen’s communication and marriage is going down the gutter when they were celebrating anniversary in April.

This time in a series of workout-related prank videos.

“It was like a literal casting couch,” La Rue said.

“And as I was walking towards the couch, with my back towards the door, he’s busy closing and locking the doors behind my back. He had underwear on, thank God, and he was bare everywhere else.

First, De Generes secretly recorded her star wife doing aerobics and uploaded the video online.

"@Portiade Rossi said I could watch her do her @Jane Fonda workout," she wrote in the caption.

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