Detailsview not updating

The easy to use, drag-drop-configure kind of server controls quickly became popular primarily because they often increased developer productivity.

No wonder that for the last eight or so years server controls meant a lot for many developers. NET MVC makes use of MVC design pattern and the result is far different at code level. NET MVC divides the entire processing logic into three distinct parts namely model, view and controller.

Figure 2 Clicking on Edit will take the user to a data entry page where the selected employee record can be edited. Add a few sample records in the Employee table for testing purpose.

Figure 3 Notice that edit and add pages make use of Details View control and the listing page makes use of Grid View control. Then add a new LINQ to SQL Classes (.dbml) file to Models folder.

NET MVC there are situations where you may need to use server controls.

Some of these situations include: Merely using server controls on an MVC web pages doesn't break MVC architecture in any way.

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