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Freda Wright-Sorce, the wife of radio personality Don Geronimo and a frequent contributor to the popular nationally syndicated “Don and Mike” show, died in a traffic accident Sunday.Wright-Sorce, 50, often called in to the comedy show on Washington radio station WJFK known for its outlandish humor and pranks, said Michael Hughes, the station’s general manager.The show is comedic and often features raunchy material. That summer, Don’s wife Freda died in a tragic auto accident on the same day that David Haines died.

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ed stubbs Like or Dislike: I have listened to Don & Mike for about 15 yrs in DC and was thrilled when they came to Dallas where I currently reside.While there, I talked with Don, Mike O’Meara and Loo Katz. But her spirit lives on, and the show will continue to reflect her tenderness and her love. my thoughts go out to everyone involved with the show…show members, people behind the scenes and listeners alike.Later that weekend, I met up with some other former Like or Dislike: Regardless of whether you like them or not (I’m a huge fan), Freda’s untimely passing is a blow for all of D. I wish Don and his family strength, happiness, and god-speed in this time of tragedy. Like or Dislike: i’ve listened to don and mike for fifteen years and i send my thoughts out to don (mike) and bart and everyone feeling the pain of this tragedy . Fieda would want you to heal and be as happy as you can be. Like or Dislike: I was shocked this afternoon when I heard the news.You must live each day and love each other as if something like this could happen to you.I plan on telling my family and friends each day how much they mean to me.

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