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Unlike people who don’t develop an addiction, those hooked on cybersex actually become aroused by sexual cues on the Internet.

If you don’t become turned on by pornographic images on the Internet, you won’t become a cybersex addict.

In investigating this relatively unexplored area, University of Duisberg-Essen psychologist Christian Laier and a team of German researchers decided to study the nature of cybersex addiction in women and understand its predictors.

Like men, women who become addicted to Internet pornography seem to do so out of a desire to achieve gratification.Most of the comparisons of interest involved the IPUs vs. Compared to the NIPUs, the IPUs were more likely to watch softcore photos and videos, but they were even more likely to visit hardcore photo and video websites.There were no group differences in a host of other practices, such as having sex chats, having sex via Webcam, using dating sites, going to live sex shows, purchasing online sex toys, reading sexually arousing literature, searching information on STDs, or seeking advice on sexual practices.The experimental portion of the study involved showing participants 100 stimuli depicting various sexual scenarios.Before and after watching these stimuli, participants rated their own sexual desire as well as their desire to masturbate.

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