Introverts dating each other Livesex online

Extroverts: Don't even try to place where they know you from.On the other hand, my extroverted friends don't even think twice about hitting "accept." They view social media as a way to connect and network, and that desire to connect and network extends to just about everyone they know.

Or they'll talk about wanting to delete something because not enough people liked it.And I'm sure even my most extroverted friends have reached a point of hitting that delete button before, perhaps during the political season. In a lot of ways, the differences between introverts and extroverts online mirror the same differences you might see in real life. And recognizing those differences might save a few hurt feelings down the line.And many of them stem from the opposite priorities introverts and extroverts tend to have when it comes to connecting with others — the difference between preferring a small circle of friends to a wide selection of acquaintances, for instance. Because if someone doesn't accept your friend request, or does but eventually deletes you, it's probably not personal — they may just be an introvert.I'm usually just sharing so that those who might want to see what's going on in my life, can. I have a handful of extroverted friends who definitely seem to care about those likes, though.To the extent that they will call you out on it the next time you're face to face if you didn't like something they posted.

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