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He showed me the video, sitting in the gloom of a room in the backstreets, his eyes fixed intensely on the screen, embedding another layer of pain and hate."They burnt my brother and tortured him with knives when he was dead," Hassan said."So, if I meet them, I would do worse.

And then people would say I'm a terrorist."It is obvious that for this young man, and so many like him, the call to combat has barely been quenched.

It was a bloodbath and Hassan was the only survivor.

In the early 1980s Syrian Islamists rebelled against the government of Hafez al Assad, Bashar's father.

In response, Hafez al Assad crushed them with a brutality that remains infamous to this day.

Long before the borders of Syria and Lebanon were invented, Tripoli was tied by kinship and trade to Syrian cities like Homs and Hama, just a little further inland.

The conflict in Syria also had a powerful religious pull, pitting rebels from the majority Sunni population against President Bashar al Assad, who is an Alawite, a branch of Shia Islam, and backed by Shi'ite Iran.

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