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Note: Center physicians shall deal with all cases of communicable diseases in accordance with Job Corps directives based on current recommendations of the Center for Disease Control of the Department of Health and Human Services.(8) To disclose information to State and local health departments regarding infected persons who are unwilling to notify their contacts at the center for the purpose of enabling the counseling of contacts.DOL/GOVT-2 System name: Job Corps Student Records (April 8, 2002, 67 FR 16815). System location: Screening contractors; Job Corps centers and operators (which includes contract and agency centers); Job Corps National Office; Job Corps Regional Offices; Federal Records Centers. (2) To disclose information, giving the summary of a student's academic and vocational achievement and general biographical information, to placement and welfare agencies, prospective employers, school or training institutions to assist in the employment of a student.

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Notification procedures: Requests for access of terminated student's records are to be directed to the appropriate U. DOL Regional Job Corps Office, or to the System Manager at the above address.

Requests for current records can be directed to the appropriate center director or screening contractor.

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