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expressing thoughtful consideration (also HM) HOA v. an electrically charged particle IOS plural of IO n. Tank Girl (Rebecca) and her friends are the only remaining citizens living in the wasteland that is Earth, where all the remaining water is controlled by Water and Power, the mega corporation/government that runs the territory. See more » Mockingbird Girl Written by Scott Weiland, Zander Schloss and Jeff Nolan Performed by The Magnificent Bastards featuring Scott Weiland Produced by Chris Goss and Scott Weiland Scot Weiland and Victor Indrizzo appear courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation Zander Schloss appears courtesy of Interscope Records See more » This should have been the best film of the year, but instead the bureaucrats at MGM/UA decided to let "focus groups" (ever notice how unclear these so called focus groups can make a film!?! That's when the studio stepped in and butchered Ms. This film would have made so much more sense had the studio not changed the ending and left in the flashback scenes in their entirety (as it is, only one shot remained, and it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER if you're not aware of the BUTCHERING JOB the studio execs did on this film!!! Still, this is one of the most original films I've seen to date, and think that it still deserves more credit than it ever got! While incarcerated at W P, Tank Girl and her new friend Jet Girl break out and steal... After meeting some mutant kangaroo/humans, and rescuing her little girl (adopted by her friends), the kangaroos and the girls kick Water and Powers' butt.

Now 20 people gotta squeeze inside the same bathtub - so it ain't all bad. a kind of Indian edible pea (also DAHL, DHAL, DHOLL, DAAL) DAM v. a level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports DAP v. a cross between a yak and a cow (also ZHO, ZO, DZHO, DZO) DZO n. the nipple or udder of a mammal DUI a plural of DUO n. a cross between a yak and a cow (also ZO, (D)ZHO, DSO) EAN v.

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