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She’s never been a sports fan (among the few athletes she can name off the top of her head are Tom Brady, Le Bron James and David Ortiz), but the topic of Lin immediately sparked unusual enthusiasm.

When I mentioned the chance, the small chance, that I could end up talking to the man himself, she could do nothing but bring out the cap locks.reacting to meeting Matthew Dellavedova with the same excitement they would have for meeting Ryan Gosling.

The first is easily Tiger Woods, which can be disconcerting because he is not primarily identified as Asian.

Once you roll down the list of potential people—actors, politicians, athletes, everyone—there’s not really anyone else.

People have asked me how I could see clearly because of my slanted eyes.

Others told me I had a small penis without any evidence.

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What made Lin different from those who came before him was simple: He played point guard, a role nobody expected an Asian-American to fill.“I loved it because one of our fellow Asian-Americans showed what I already know.

Lin’s authentically American success story brought him newfound attention.

What made this success different for Asian-Americans, however, was that for the first time our story was the one being told on every talk show, in every magazine and newspaper.

The first time I thought an Asian-American could make the NBA was the first time I saw Lin on the court with the Golden State Warriors, his first NBA team.

I can’t say watching Lin play in the NBA fulfilled a dream, because I had never conceptualized, let alone imagined, that an Asian-American playing in the NBA was even possible.“I remember a year prior, I was wondering when we would see the first Asian NBA player and literally I was like, ‘Maybe in a couple of decades,’” said Philip Wang, part of the popular filmmaking group .

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