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Nine careers later (she's not that old, they overlapped) she continues to use the gift of self-effacing humor to humanize her larger-than-life persona, her flamboyant style and infectious energy, and to endear herself to audiences everywhere.And in line with that other Mel Gibson movie "Forever Young" Mikki had used the same promotional photo for the last 15 years proving that you can be (forever young, that is).A talented singer/songwriter, actor and creative artist, he will always pursue his dream with the blessing, encouragement and support of his Mom (thankfully, not financial).

Born on the fourth of July (in case you want to send a present), she is independent, patriotic, colorful and a real firecracker!A former professional dancer, she now competes in Latin American dance (even dabbled in belly dance..wasn't very good at it...her son Jason used to stand behind her and jiggle the furniture to make it look like she was moving).She believes networking is a contact sport and has been practicing since childhood.Her son, Jason who, by the way, walks on water, lives in NYC and graduated from New School University.

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