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One of her is the confessor in her, you know, [is] magical, has the powers and everything. And without having both of them in check, things kind of go crazy and it’s such a cool episode for me, and I’m so excited to do it, but it’s not in the book, so you know I’m kind of thankful that we do stray because we get so many cool other opportunities. It’s not just me, there are a lot of really kick-butt chicks.

You were saying before how Kahlan is such a tough character. The light, the dark and all the mord-siths and everything. I wouldn’t get cast as that when I first moved to the city.

And I go to work in the dark usually, around four thirty. Home in my cell phone is my parent’s house in San Diego, so I probably shouldn’t say that but home — I have a few. It’s actually such a small town, even if I’m not planning to see Craig [Horner], I run into him all the time. Bruce and I go to see plays when they come into town. It’s like we work really hard, and the crew is really terrific.

And then I come out of the makeup bus, with all the makeup on and everything, and there’s the most insane sunrise you’ve ever seen. I notice the air being so different, as soon I got off the plane in Los Angeles. California is for sure one, New York will always also be a home, and now, oddly enough, New Zealand. Because we live really, really close to each other. We went and saw this Italian play together with our significant others. And honestly all of my friends down at that end of the world are friends from work.

I would not call myself a lover of all things fantasy (vampire, yes…fantasy, not so much).

However, I thought the premise of Legend of the Seeker (based on the book series written by Terry Goodkind) was interesting.

The acting was wonderful, the scenery was breathtaking, and I really found myself very interested in the story.

That’s amazing to me, because for one person to read something and another person, and then my interpretation — for me to bring it to life, that’s really bizarre and has kind of a cosmic-y, spooky kind of feel, because in your mind — when you read something, you get your own picture.I have seen it, and I can tell you it is fantastic. The character of Kahlan was not like any part I had ever auditioned for or played. I thought that she was really tough and kind of timeless, epic and theatrical which I really was drawn to. (laughs) It was pretty embarrassing when I moved to New Zealand, because the fact that I hadn’t seen Lord Of The Rings, I thought that they were going to turn me around and not let me into the country. The fans are really passionate, and have really strong opinions about things, which I like. I haven’t gotten through all of them, but I’ve been skipping around.I recently had the chance to chat with the lovely and gracious Bridget Regan, who plays Kahlan (or The Mother Confessor), about filming, the fantasy genre, her character and what’s coming up this season. I went to a drama school and I grew up doing theater, so I quite liked that the show was kind of heightened and it wasn’t the sort of low energy, common chit-chat show, it was big and epic and exciting and high stakes and all that which I loved. You know, we had a fan base before we even started filming the show, which was so cool and bizarre. You know, my parents have because they went to Comic Con in San Diego. The series isn’t really following the books perfectly, and so you know, I find them really helpful.There’s no zippers, or buttons or hooks or anything. So constantly I want to make him break and do something silly, but we feel like we have to reign it in.So to get in that dress it takes twenty minutes of just lacing. But a lot of the girls in wardrobe love to play pranks on Bruce Spence, and I sometimes try to get in on them.

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