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He followed her hand and could feel himself harden as he accepted her wet panties into his mouth. "I guess," she said, in a hoarse whisper, "that there are more than one way to skin a cat." She crawled up next to him again and with one motion lifted her round leg over him.

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He had never seen her naked down there before this and could do nothing but stare greedily at her puffy lips and moisture, and her well trimmed bush.

Just so you know, your big brother did the same and I had to put one of my musty panties in his mouth. " Now that his cock allowed her to suck properly again, with her hand moving like a milkmaids, she did, with great slurping sounds. He strained against the leather belts and handkerchiefs that tied him down, but it was pointless.

So two more times here, and then I go back to your brother again, and that should give you plenty of time for recuperating. Those buns mama baked just for you, darling, for your 19th birthday." She kissed his cockhead and the traitorous thing started to swell again, which brought tears to his eyes. If we continue this good I could probably even reward myself with a sundae come Saturday, with my saved points!

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