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For every new update Apple puts out, there’s a small and intrepid team of hackers out on the internet trying to break Apple’s security.Running a jailbroken version of i OS lets you take full control of the software, and consequently install every UI tweak and additional feature you can think of.There’s an i Phone 6 version in the works, according to the Reddit Jailbreak sub, but the i Phone 7 is going to be much harder to crack.A complete video guide to the procedure is embedded above, which only requires a little bit of technical proficiency.Google’s Project Zero, a team focused on discovering vulnerabilities in others companies’ software, appears set to release an exploit it recently found in i OS 11.While the vulnerability has been patched with i OS 11.2, the exploit may allow for the first publicly available jailbreak for i OS 11.

Note that we’re talking about i OS 10.3.2 in the past tense.

Although this release is “semi-stable,” all jailbreaks do tend to be buggy, and there is always a danger with this that you might brick your device.

Have fun — just make sure your data is safely backed up first.

— Jonathan Levin (@Morpheus______) December 7, 2017 Another aspect of Beer making these findings public is that is should help security researchers find other bugs and exploits.

It has been a tough (and abnormal) stretch as far as security and bugs go for Apple lately.

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