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“This is why in sports where maximal power is required – such as shot put or javelin – there will always be a grunt.“However, in these sports the athlete is giving their maximal effort, then recovering for five to 10 minutes, repeating only five times or so.It’s more about the fact that breathing out hard and grunting when taking a shot, as if completing a bench press, helps to apply maximal force, he says.

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However, Willcocks, who has previously coached Grand Slam winners, says that grunting should be consciously built into an athlete’s development, in contrast to the view of Ellis and that of Stacey Allaster, WTA chairwoman and chief executive, who has had words with Sharapova over her excessive grunting and believes that “it's time for us to drive excessive grunting out of the game for future generations”, branding its practice unsportsmanlike.

In tennis, there are hundreds of efforts per hour and more finesse than brute force is require per delivery. Enough effort goes into getting enough breath in to feed your efforts, grunting would disrupt the normal breath cycle.” Louise Ellis, sports psychologist and performance consultant to Olympians, Championship footballers and tennis players, says the decision to grunt goes way beyond just freaking out the opposition, it’s a “physiological association” which can bring about increased core stability and strength.

“When a player is losing it can be easy for them to partly attribute other factors, such as grunting, for their underperformance.

It can help a player’s game if the player thinks that it helps their game.

Just like a lucky charm, rabbit’s foot, or having their water bottles lined up.” Despite such benefits to body and brain, Thompson says he knows viewers will still turn off some of the top women’s matches, because they are between one, or even two, grunters.

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