Screenupdating vba does not work

Screen Updating) are returning an error: Application. Screen Updating = True THe error is Compile error, Method or data member not found Anyone has a clue what the problem is? As you can see Range is a member of the worksheet which in turn is a member of the Workbook.This follows the same hierarchy as in Excel so should be easy to understand.If you prefer you can use the table of contents below to go to a section of your choice.If you want information about using Range then check out the Range property section.

It has now decided to stop working for 2 of my users. Close Save Changes:=True Msg Box ("Destination Updated") … Are they on the network and do they have access to these files, writable access. Yes, it's only these two users on their new machines (their old machines worked). To do something with Range you must first specify the workbook and worksheet it belongs to.For the rest of this post I will use the code name of the sheet.This is the third post dealing with the three main elements of VBA. In this post I will fully investigate each one of these methods of access and provide you with answers to those questions.These three elements are the Workbooks, Worksheets and Ranges/Cells. Almost everything you do in Excel starts and ends with Cells. Let’s start with the simplest method of accessing cells – using the Range property of the worksheet.

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