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Because of how it works, you can also record the app’s output on your machine using webcam recording software such as Quick Time.The Lite version only sends black and white video and will not transmit audio.But it has one important difference – 50 MB of free cloud storage.It doesn’t sound like much, but it’ll let you record and save a few minutes of footage if you see an intruder in your home or see your dog doing something hilarious while you’re not there.And lastly, Face Time gives you a native way to access your phone’s camera. Have you found an app that deserves to be included in this list?

All you need is a copy of the app on your i Phone and your Mac.Both can run on computers (Mac and Windows), smartphones, and tablets.A lot of what Presence offers is the same as the three apps I’ve already looked at.At Home Camera is unique; a computer can remotely view your i Phone’s camera feed, but the i Phone app can also remotely view your computer’s webcam feed.There are two parts to the app – a streamer and a viewer.

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