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Through miscommunications and assumptions, Rory doesn't realize he's in for much more than he bargained for when he agrees to satisfy all the bear's appetites.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: While some elements of real-world BDSM are used, this story is complete fantasy (as should be obvious) and includes several examples of very poor decision-making.

What he doesn't know is that she's brought in a dragoness mistress named Janine to make all of his submissive fantasies come true.

Janine is full of surprises that line up with even the strangest of Andrew's fantasies, and before the night is over, he'll go deeper into them than he ever thought possible.

Just follow the links below and Ill add new stories as they get written. Enjoy what you will and check the descriptions and previews for themes to know whats for you.

There a few snippets that dont get posted on this site which can be found here in the commissions folder of my gallery on . Id leave it up as a repository for older works and such, but doing updates is mildly a pain for the time it takes, and its easier to use my gallery on

The hunger cravings are particularly bad, and when her daughter Lydia gets home from a day at college, she suggests that her mother take a break and the two of them have a free night to pig out.

After some encouragement, Valerie reluctantly agrees. Though in a moment of goofing off, the two suddenly find themselves kissing, much to Valerie's shock and chagrin.

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Welcome to the Wolfs Den, a collection of my vore stories.

But it's a bad sign when Vi shows up pale, desperate, and clearly not having fed in a few weeks...

wolf who's recently moved to a new city and is finally taking some time to check out the local BDSM club scene.

He's been anticipating the meal all day, but after classes a few things don't go exactly as planned...

Valerie is having a rough night with her intense diet.

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