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And, victoriously, I even went on a number of dates - in real life. " is alive and well; it was just hiding in my phone.

Call it digital courage, where "approaching" a girl is as easy as jamming out a text message and in which there are unlimited (and willing) fish in the sea.

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And according to a Facebook study of its users conducted last fall, San Francisco rates highest among major American cities on the ratio of single men to single women.

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The premise is simple; the practice, revolutionary.

Instead of sorority houses, they’ll troll bars every weekend with that tired mentality when it comes to women.

We’ve had moments where we realize that guy we just met actually once dated so-and-so we know. Your chances of meeting people with zero to little mutual friends highly increases and that’s all you gotta do. They wear tank tops in January and brag about how much they can drink…stupid. just look for the obnoxious guys in full on bro-packs flooding the sidewalks outside of bars, super loud and complaining about cover charges.

But if he doesn’t, we can’t knock em for wanting to stay single so long as they don’t try to make us think otherwise when feelings are or could be invested. just venture outside of your usual friend circles, neighborhoods, and hangouts. Also annoying: We have a lot of “adult frat boys” who still haven’t shifted out of their immature college lifestyles. because to them, something new and shiny around the corner seems more important than nurturing one true and beautiful connection…

We have the guys who will seriously date a woman only for us to find out months later that they’re still on Bumble, The League, Hinge, whatever…

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