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Maroulis with photos and emails she found proving he was continuing an affair with a married mother of a child at their daughter’s school,” Mandel explains. Maroulis flew into a rage, grabbed her by her hair and threw her violently to the floor, resulting in an injury to the right side of her head, and right knee. He consequently left their home to protect himself and to diffuse the situation. Maroulis and his property and these have previously been reported to law enforcement,” Maroulis’ rep told PEOPLE at the time. Some time later the local police came and arrested him for domestic abuse. Counters Reed’s attorney: “He did not explain how Ms. Reed has had to call the police to the home within the past two months as a result of being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Mr. But when we saw these pictures, we had six simultaneousreactions: 1. Clues include the amount of makeup Tinsley is wearing to a cheesy Broadway jukebox musical, the fact that no else one is around at this intimate moment, yet someone took a cell-phone pic from maybe six feet away, and the fact that, well, Constantine Maroulis. God bless Guest of a Guest for caring enough to collect these tips, so we don’t have to. You don’t need a B-grade reality show that won’t make it past half a season. God, we are embarrassed that so far we’ve had four thoughts about this. Oh, God, here comes another one — we can’t stop it. I would say it's a movie about a woman who returns home and every time she drinks, a monster attacks South Korea"].For the most part, if they’re in True Blood, that’s who I’m thinking of unless otherwise noted…

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Guest of a Guest infers that Tinsley has dumped her boyfriend the Price-Chopper Prince. Law enforcement sources tell us, the mother of Constantine's 4-year-old daughter called 911 from their home in Wyckoff, New Jersey claiming he threw her to the ground and kicked her in the groin. The singer is adamant that he did NOT kick her, and says the argument started after he told her he was leaving her.The rep says there is evidence proving today's incident was self-defense and the rep adds there are well documented prior instances where she was violent.[Tinsley Mortimer may have a German prince for a boyfriend and she may be traipsing around town with Constantine Maroulis, but she's still got her ex-husband, Topper, wrapped around her finger. They reportedly talk three times a day and he's offered to appear on her reality show to help boost buzz. And Paula Jones is 43, although she probably shouldn't expect a birthday card from Brad and Angelina enjoy pool sex, Lady Gaga is a confirmed hermaphrodite, Constantine Maroulis gets beat up over Paula Abdul at Ciprianis, Patrick Swayze is recovering nicely, Britney looks good in a white bikini and Paris and Douglas Reinhardt reunite.

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