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In the months following the initial reveal of the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft announced that the Scorpio would be sharing a user interface with the current Xbox One, meaning apps, Cortana, and background music will all be arriving on the new console when it eventually launches.

We won't see existing Xbox One games running at capped 30 frames per second jumping to 60 frames on the Xbox One X, but we will see a greater number of games stabilising in their frame rates at their limit without drops.

to enjoy exactly what the X can do, so if you grabbed yourself a new 4K TV in the Black Friday sales, the shiny new console is certainly an intriguing proposition.

Just make sure you have a big external hard drive to download those huge, 100GB game files.

If the X isn’t your thing, there’s always the Xbox One S available at absurdly cheap prices now for great bundles.

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