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:) Well, right now when people say to me that I am the Mail Order Bride I am just smiling and tell them that Russian mail service probably did not have big box enough to send me and my son to America, so we have been waiting for nine month to be finally together as a happy family.Yes, long nine month, it is almost like a giving birth a baby!An easy and effective solution is to always agree on and follow a written monthly budget. Russian women in general are very closed and cautious in trusting anyone with their true inner feelings.If you will involve her in a written monthly budget and stick to it, no matter your wealth or security…you will have a much happier and supportive marriage and wife. In Russian society, it has not been so accepted and common as it is here for a person to be open, especially in very beginning. If you find yourself the subject a scornful stare as you whistle a happy tune, well, join the crowd.Do you think you would catch Russian puns even if you knew Russian?

She seemed very warm and curious, she asked me many questions, including some very typical ones, based on my accent, like “Where are you from? ” When I said that my husband “stole” me from Russia seven years ago because we met, fall in love and decided to be married, Judy smiled very understanding, like we are in plot together and said: “Oh, Antonia, so you are the Mail Order Bride! ” “Hmmm…It is just like people name foreign ladies, who came to our country to marry American men”, – Judy tried to explain me.

So he MUST share his feelings, experience and points of view at least once in a while…

Anyway, I offered my hubby several topics, and he chose to expound on this one: The less attractive sides of Russian women. Well, please don’t be discouraged with his honesty and down-to-earth take on the negative things to be prepared for in Russian women.

With most Russian women you will need to respect this trait, be patient and loving…and genuinely open up to her first. This, among several other surprising superstitious beliefs, can easily catch a man off guard.

Then on her timetable, when she feels safe, she should show you more of her inner world. In fact another one I just learned today from my beautiful and wonderful wife is that in the event a person leaves the house, and then needs to return because something was forgotten…after obtaining the forgotten item, you must look in a mirror and then walk backwards while looking in the mirror… I will list a few other common Russian superstitions below: 4. If you think that your beautiful Russian woman has no will of her own, or that you will be able to selfishly or inconsiderately boss her around, think again.

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