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Where I bring my African artefacts - a genuine african springbok rug & antique lion mane's hair fly swisher / amulet " - along to "The Fab Four Room" Dealers, using my African charm and wares to secure a sale.

Available to watch on Vimeo Special thank you to Linda Hobden for featuring & interviewing me on her fab boots, shoes and fashion blog.

Me photographed & captured on the Norwich Evening News website

id=6 Me photographed & captured on Norwich 99.9fm radio website gallery

I am very appreciative and thankful to have been given this opportunity & to have been apart of it!

I am over-the-moon to have been successful in my auditions to become a Ceremonies Cast Volunteer Performer in the London 2012 Olympic Games, in my role as a Mechanical Audience Leader, both in the Opening & Closing Ceremonies - a once in a life time opportunity and to celebrate the passion & creativity of the United Kingdom in front of the entire world! Special thanks to Danny Boyle, Steve, Haith, Hannah, Nathan and Soha.

To read all about my experience & role in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony published in The Norwich Evening News by Reporter Peter Walsh - greatly appreciated and thank you Peter.

I make a stand & a bold statement as we discuss & debate "Should women in their mature years be seen publicly in bikini's" following the report & complaint, that I received from "a member of the public" to the Norfolk Constabulary (Police) about my latest bikini Photo Shoot, in the communal grounds where I live.An invited guest on Linda's creative & inspirational TV Chat show.I talk about my experiences on Reality TV, the Celebs I have met on my journey in realising my dreams of yesteryear today & much, much more!See our stunning interactive timeline tracking the history of West Ham from the Boleyn Ground to the Olympic Stadium, featuring brilliant videos and pictures, and try our fiendish Hammers quizzes.Sponsored by GALLIONS REACH Having a brand new kitchen is something that lots of people want but can only dream of.

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