Don t bother telling me who my ex is dating

But you have several months invested and maybe you feel strongly enough for him to give him another chance.Still, consider these acts two red flags and proceed with caution.It still bugged me but I decided to let it go; he seemed like he felt bad. While I don’t actually mind the masturbating, the combination of the two events while I am sleeping are making me worry.Well, this weekend I slept over again and we had sex and went to sleep. It’s a pretty new relationship and I’ve never thought of something like this before. I already know I should talk to him about this; I just wonder if anyone has comments or has dealt with this before I dive into that conversation.You have done the right thing in supporting their decision not to interact with her and to limit your own interactions with her until and unless she is capable of having a conversation with you that does not revolve around demanding money to bail her out of crises she’s created herself.She’s an adult now, and whatever mistakes you or her mother made during her childhood, while they’ll always be a part of her story, aren’t what’s causing her behavior.Dear Prudence, Years ago, while my wife and I were separated, I foolishly slept with “Molly,” who became pregnant with my daughter “Ally.” I reconciled with my wife, and ultimately we won custody of Ally when she was 9, after Molly went through a series of boyfriends and made repeated sexual overtures toward me.

It freaked me out but I thought his apology was honest and I believed he thought I was awake.Finally, she used racial epithets against my wife and stepdaughters, and I threw her out of the house. I haven’t spoken to her beyond a phone call on Christmas and her birthday unless she needs money.She did the same thing when my wife and I came to her high school graduation. My wife openly grieves for the little girl that we lost, and my stepdaughters refuse to acknowledge Ally. I blame myself for not fighting harder, but what is done is done. Ally is sweet until she doesn’t get what she wants.I’d definitely implement a “three strikes and you’re out rule” for the immediate future.If he pulls anything weird again over the next few weeks, don’t give him another chance.

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