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And while the actors are having a blast mimicking the self-serious tropes of “Game of Thrones,” as well as the halting mechanics of video game graphics, the theatrical device grows stale over time.

Do we really need avatars showing the audience giant cards that Jack and his friends are throwing?

While costume designer Gary Nocco doesn’t have a huge budget to work with, he makes do with clever nods to each game played, making for enjoyable visuals.

Chance is a part of love, as much as it’s a part of any game (whether or not the players realize it).

Kaitlyn Grissom’s set admirably captures Jack’s toy-filled apartment and workplace, though the transitions between the two eat up stage time that could be used by the avatars or the gamers themselves.

Sarah Espinosa’s sound design, especially the pre-show, captures the feeling of a good mix tape, with some Nintendo soundtracks thrown in.

Gus (Josh Zagoren) takes the rules and routines of each game most seriously, clearly finding real life a boring slog.Paige (Savanna Rae) enjoys the multitude of choices that come along after she rolls the die.But Jack’s best friend Sean (Joe Faifer) is happy to interrupt their gaming sessions to discuss the girl Jack has been flirting with at work.However, Jack’s dedication to consistent game play is not what gets in the way of his connection with Diane.So the many sequences in which Jack or various other characters explain the games they are playing — often named by generic terms as an in-joke for the characters and as a safety measure for Factory itself — waste valuable stage time that could be spent developing dramatic stakes for Jack and Diane.

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