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Obviously, back that way would be the bad guys so I needed to get gone in another direction - now!

To the south the terrain looked somewhat more rough, so I headed that way.

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I didn't exactly jump to my feet, but I managed to assume a somewhat vertical stance as I looked around at the disaster.

That was a definite mistake - not the wondering bit, but the part where I was staring directly into the Iraqi sun.

That definitely did not help my splitting head at all. My eyes snapped open again almost with an audible click.

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Book 1 Proofed and Edited 12/31/11 Nexus nex·us nek-sus - noun, plural nex·us·es - a means of connection; tie; link. This story is in the same Universe as The Hotel, but only touches tangentially on that tale until the very end, although readers of that older story will certainly recognize various major players and locations.

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