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Or is there a continuum and we do not have a rich enough diversity of language to describe the moral condition of the narcissist?

It would not be the first time language has acted as barrier to thought.(the child living in the midst of evil) can emotionally survive only by a massive fortification of its psyche.

We can see then, that their narcissism makes the evil dangerous not only because it motivates them to scapegoat others, but also because it deprives them of the restraint that results from empathy and respect for others….

The evil need victims to sacrifice to their narcissism, their narcissism permits them to ignore the humanity of their victims as well. The blindness of the narcissist to others can extend beyond a lack of empathy; narcissists may not “see” others at all.

It does not have to be divorce, it could be any lawsuit or other such campaign. Some can leave and they are changed – stronger, wounded, wiser, educated in the techniques of disengaging and mindfulness. Visit our page of consultations and books to discover your options.

It is the opposition, the challenge to the narcissist’s world view and the need to control that unleashes the campaign to destroy. Peck’s book that appeared to be as evil as what I have seen. A journey, deep and dangerous has been made by those who have been companions with “the people of the lie.” Do you need to talk more about the narcissist in your life?

They are simply indifferent, callous and careless in their conduct and in their treatment of their fellow humans.In a talk he gave at the White House, Elie Wiesel, concentration camp survivor and philosopher, says that from anger and hatred we can often make a difference, but to be indifferent is evil. or maybe we cannot partition evil into “partly evil” as we cannot be ‘very unique’ or ‘a little pregnant’?Using the argument that by definition evil people have no choice in their actions (even if it harms them, they will choose the morally wrong act) Vaknin argues that narcissists will act with malevolence only if it benefits them, but not if they are harmed. Vaknin addresses this in a question at the crux of this discussion: are the words good and evil, used as opposites, appropriate for describing behavior of a narcissist?Is the verbal and emotional abuser who keeps his victim in suspense and fear an evil person? D, psychiatrist and author of The People of The Lie, the answer is yes.Is the person with the need to control others evil? According to Peck, most of us view a situation in light of how we are affected by it and only as an afterthought do we stop to consider how it might affect others involved; we do eventually consider the viewpoint of the other. Theirs is a brand of narcissism so total that they seem to lack this capacity for empathy….

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