Submissive female dating

In those tests, male participants were asked to evaluate their sense of masculinity in the situations in which they had been outsmarted or outperformed in front of a woman who might have been a potential romantic interest.Park and her colleagues concluded that there may be something about being in physical proximity to someone who is outperforming oneself that decreases a man’s sense of his masculinity.Do they take drugs or drink to kill their brain cells, do they refuse to read, write, go to school, or engage in any behaviors that will reduce their own IQ?Do they play stupid or ignorant long enough to bag the ultimate prize - a husband - then turn their smarts back on?

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In this study, men who believed themselves to have been to be attracted by women who they think are smarter or more competent at intellectual tasks than they are, but only if the women are at a psychological and physical distance from them.

But now that she was dating again, she was worried that her mom might have been onto something. A study published in July, 2015 suggests that she might well have been, much to the consternation of many women—and some men.

Lora Park, a social psychologist at the University of Buffalo, and her colleagues Ariana Young and Paul Eastwick studied the reactions of men to women they experienced as smarter than them and found an interesting phenomenon that might very well explain what happened between Sara and John.

While we may admire a superior woman from afar we are unlikely to pursue a woman who we think is "to good" for us.

This is the same reason the prettiest girl is not always the one who gets approached or asked on a date. I have always said that average or less than average women are the most sought after women in the world!

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