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Had I been entirely serious I would not have used the adjective 'monstrous'.

I read that the British censors demanded cuts amounting to about 20 minutes before they would allow the movie to be shown.As yet I've never had the experience of being a real gimp myself, but who knows I might some day.Becky - sorry if I messed up the formatting of this I don't have much experience.In Britain, at the moment, the government is exercised; in response, of course, to the electorate; about internet child pornography. who would reject outright any effort to establish here what is done in Europe (and by extension the UK), on the basis that it represents foreign, creeping socialism.The condemnation of one 'perversion' easily leads to the condemnation of all perversions. I'm glad you brought this up because I've been very concerned about what is going on in Britain. At the same time, as you are all aware I'm sure, censorship of one kind or another is "creeping" into U. authoritative structures (private and public) in alarming ways.

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