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English and French use the original spelling "ski", and modify the pronunciation.

In Italian it is pronounced as in Norwegian, and the spelling is modified: "sci".

Early historical evidence includes Procopius' (around CE 550) description of Sami people as skrithiphinoi translated as "ski running samis".

Ski warfare, the use of ski-equipped troops in war, is first recorded by the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus in the 13th century.

Early record of this type of skis survives in works of Olaus Magnus.

He associates them to Sami people and gives Sami names of savek and golos for the plain and skinned short ski.

Finnish names for these are lyly and kalhu for long and short ski.

Norwegian workers on the Buenos Aires - Valparaiso railway line introduced skiing in South America around 1890.

In 1910 Roald Amundsen used skis on his South Pole Expedition.

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