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Other version control systems like VCS are typically used to track changes in text files.These text files can for example be source code for a programming language, HTML or configuration files.The method for installing Bitcoin Core described here requires that you enter text-based commands.The preferred way to do this is through the Terminal application.At the time of the last update to this article, that version is 0.10.0.Windows Mac Ubuntu Mint Steam OSCommunity Q&A Steam is one of the most popular digital game distribution services in the world, and you can find nearly any new game released for PC, Mac, and Linux on it.The process of creating different versions (snapshots) in the repository is depicted in the following graphic.

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Ubuntu uses a package manager to simplify the downloading and installation of software components.

Yet another reason to compile from source is to enable custom behavior.

For example, the Bitcoin Core GUI and wallet can be disabled if you plan to use the software without those features.

Steam can be installed on any operating system, though the games available to play may be limited on Linux and Mac. Steam even has it's own operating system, called Steam OS, that allows you to turn your computer into a high-powered gaming console.

This tutorial explains the usage of the distributed version control system Git via the command line.

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