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For a few weeks out of the year, everyone (and every brand) is trying to grab a piece of the Latino pie (some even refer to it as Hispandering Heritage Month.) There will be lots of folkloric dresses and dancing, lots of mariachis and sombreros, lots of taco and Margarita drink specials — you know cuz all Latinos are basically Mexican.

This year, we wanted to do something different: to celebrate the faces, stories, and histories that rarely get put in the spotlight.

Throughout the colonial period Spanish was the official language of government, education, and trade.

Filipino farm workers initiated a grape boycott that led to the creation of the United Farm Workers union (UFW).

As a colony of Spain for just as many years as Mexico, the Philippine Islands have just as much Hispanic cultural influences as any other Latin American country.

From history, to language, to food, Filipinos are much closer to Latinos than you might realize.

Here are some examples: Even some swear words have carried over, like putang for puta.

Since Spain was so far away from the islands, they were mostly governed as a territory of New Spain (Mexico).

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