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Lack of volcanic or seismic activity leading to mountain building over much of the continent for many millions of years means that what mountain ranges there were have been worn down by erosion to mere stubs of their former glory.The soil over much of Australia, especially the dry central parts, have not been renewed by volcanic activity for a very long time and are impoverished compared to soils from most other parts of the world.During this time period Australia had After being recycled many times over much of the history of the Earth, with no new rock added by volcanism, the soils of arid Australia have been weathered and leached more than any others making them the most nutrient-deficient soils in the world.

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Depositional plains are also a prominent feature of inland Australia (Twidale & Campbell, Source 5).The park is comprised primarily of high, forested, volcanic plateaus that have been eroded over - the millennia by glaciation and stream flow and that are flanked on the north, east, and south by mountains.The Continental Divide traverses the park from its southeastern corner to its «-western boundary.It is the driest, flattest, oldest, it has the most erratic climate of any continent, and much of it experiences great extremes of rainfall both during a year and from year to year.As a result of this, poor soil, arid and unpredictable climate over most of the continent, the plants, and therefore the animals that depend on them, have evolved into a unique flora and fauna.

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