Error updating the account password for process identity

The employee can get the universal account number from the organization.They provide the separate for each employee for the purpose of checking the provident fund balance.With the help of the universal account number, the employee can check their balance easily.Apart from the universal account number, they can also check the epf balance through SMS, missed call services, mobile app and registered today the passbook available next day. If you download epf passbook when open and follow stepscheck all details in your monthly contribution amount. In this amount able to withdraw after 5years due to adding tax exemption. you need check pf balance simply follow are pf account balance details and transaction details, pension details more available. After registering your details then you will check pf balance the epfo app here. In this account balance information get in SMS every employee but the employee must be registered mobile number in uan member portal.This is the first releasing portal, In this portal use check the epf balance uan but someday work after server slow run. In this way check, pf balance employees must have the android play store in your mobile. After inform every month pf balance with SMS alerts.This portal designs only pf passbook downloads purpose.You want to download passbook before you were registered in uan member need to download epf passbook first of all registered uan member portal. Epfo released this portal in 2012 and still working. it is used to check epf balance any time any you will check epf balance in monthly contribution amount and yearly contribution amount.

It is important for all employees to register with the employee provident fund organization.The amount should be contributed to the EPF account by your employer.Also, it can be a good indicator of your retirement savings which take part in collecting the lump sum at the end.This is the unified process under the universal account number.It is quickly allotted for all the employees and checks the balance easily with this number.

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