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Since , a change in an atoms energy through this simple arithmetic will cause a change in the physical substance which the atom produces.

The universe only gets complicated after the substances start interacting.

(Move something back and forth, or around and around, fast enough and it will appear solid.) If we could see matter for what it truly was, we would see the most solid object as a piece of wispy fluff.

As time went on, many incorrect tenets were added to the basic Samkhya teachings, causing the system to eventually decay. In the system of Yoga, for example, people reverted back to God idolatry as part of their road to spiritual freedom.

Another point is that physical matter is far less solid, and much more ephemeral, than it appears. If the nucleus of a hydrogen atom were to be enlarged to the size of a marble, its single electron would be a quarter of a mile away!

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People therefore had only themselves, not a God or Supreme Being, to applaud (or blame, depending upon ones perspective) for the existence of this universe and for all of the good and bad within it.and that matter, even the heaviest granite, is therefore surprisingly ephemeral.Our physical perceptions do not detect the almost illusionary nature of matter because the physical senses are constructed to accept the illusion of solidity caused by the extremely rapid motion of atomic particles.The basic building block of physical matter is the atom.An atom is made up of three main components: protons, neutrons, and electrons.

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